Welcome to the 2014 Passle Top 200 Rankings. With this research we have attempted to show which law firms have been most effective at demonstrating expertise and building their online presence. We have ranked the firms across 6 disciplines and given them a ranking out of 200 for each one. The Passle Ranking is an overall ranking of the 200 firms across all disciplines.

Knowledge pieces, also known as blogs or insights are the one true factor that can really differentiate firms online and demonstrate the expertise of the lawyers within that firm. This ability to showcase knowledge and become “thought leaders” is becoming more and more important in today’s networked world.

We have met with many law firms on this list and the one common thing we hear is that firms want to do more to demonstrate expertise but that it is just too time consuming for the time-poor lawyers to do.

This is a real shame because lawyers, probably more so that any industry in the world, have such vast knowledge, ideas and insights but the majority of the time this remains in their heads. Across the Top 200 law firms, the average lawyer writes just 0.51 knowledge pieces per year. That means 1 piece of knowledge from brain to paper every two years – in no way does that represent the knowledge that these extremely highly educated and intelligent people have to offer.

That’s why we built Passle – To enable professional organisations to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of their team whilst recognising the extreme time constraints they work under. Have a look below at what it has meant for a Top 100 UK accountancy firm in terms of demonstrating knowledge.

For more information on how to get the same effect at your firm, please email me on connor@passle.net