It's now a year since Lance Armstrong carried out his interview with Oprah Winfrey. There is a remarkable moment in that interview when, after Armstrong has said he will apologise to all those he hurt and bullied, Oprah asks if he will apologise to David Walsh (the brilliant Irish journalist for The Times (UK) who for 13 years pursued the truth about Armstrong and his doping). It is remarkable because until this moment he appears terribly sad and somber - but after Oprah asks the question, Armstrong seems so taken back that he actually laughs out loud!

Before the interview, Armstrong said to the associated press, and confirmed to Oprah, that he would answer the questions "directly, honestly and candidly".

After the Armstrong laugh about apologising to David Walsh he then goes on to say "I'd apologise to David"

That apology, as of 27th Jan,2014 has never made its way to David Walsh - does that therefore mean Armstrong lied to Oprah?

Maybe the year anniversary of the interview has jogged his memory and he now has big plans for the apology he told Oprah he would make. I am sure David Walsh is not holding is breath.