In flight entertainment of the future is apparently going to be a screen that you can control with your eyes and there will be no need for headphones as the sound will be beamed at you in such a way that only you can hear it. Sounds like a lot of time, research and money to make these things happen - and are they maybe just a bit gimmicky?

I have an idea - stick an iPad on the back of every seat (Except for the back row of seats!!) - put on it a version of Netflix that does not need wifi on it, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Bubble Mania and Candy Crush. Team it up with a set of Beats by Dre earphones and everyone will be absolutely delighted!

I think I would be happier with touch over eye movement and I would rather watch a movie without hearing everything else going on around me e.g. the kids asking for their 5th tub of Pringles!

So you heard it here first - iPad and Beats headphones for the perfect in flight entertainment.