At Passle we currently meet and work with lots of law firms, accountancies and management consultancies. All of them want to be able to share their knowledge and expertise with their clients and potential clients - and differentiate themselves from their peers.

Once they have this knowledge out of their brains and onto "paper" the one thing we always tell them to do is make the most of LinkedIn groups. When I write a post on "The Marketing Mix Up" and share it to my LinkedIn page or to the company LinkedIn page, I may get a few readers or the odd comment but really not that many. However, when I send it to the Marketing Week group with over 30K members and to lots of the other groups I am part of, I get a huge increase in reads and plenty of comments, discussion and debate.

It makes sense - if you send to your own contacts then it is only going to be seen by a very limited number of readers but send it to the groups you are a member of (and by default they should probably be interested in what you have to say) and you can start to lead the debate.

So if you want to lead the debate or at a bare minimum just show that you know what you are talking about, then share your knowledge to your LinkedIn groups and you should get off to a very good start.