Most B2B businesses are trying to create some sort of content to demonstrate their expertise in the niche that they work in. But what do you do with this content once you have it? Most firms just throw it onto their website and maybe share it to their social channels via the company's central accounts. But is that really an effective way of doing it?

It's really important that once you have expert-led content to make sure you share it to the "right people" - probably your clients and prospects. I think the two best ways for B2B businesses to do this are:

  1. LinkedIn Groups
  2. Email Newsletters

LinkedIn Groups have been underused by most professionals and there is a big opportunity to lead the debates in your niche and speak to and connect with potential clients by showing yourself as a thought leader. There is a bigger opportunity than ever, as can be seen below, now that LinkedIn has revamped groups and has launched a stand alone app. Utilise this tool well and there is a big opportunity to trump your competitors and drive your visibility to the "right" groups and therefore the "right" people.

Email newsletters often get some bad press for being a bit old school but there is no easier way to:

  1. Educate the prospect/client in a way that is beneficial and enticing to them
  2. Remind them the author is an expert in their field
  3. Remind them that your company exists

So keep thinking to yourself, "Who do we want to be talking to" and then go and find those people and consistently update them via LinkedIn Groups and email newsletters with relevant, timely, expert-led content.