It was my eldest kid's 7th birthday party at the weekend which I had agreed could end in a mass water fight, adult versus the kids! We have done this before and spent 2 hours beforehand filling and tying the water balloons one by one. That's until I came across "Bunch O Balloons" in ToysRUs this year. They had a looping video playing and it was a complete no-brainer to buy them.

I do not think I have ever been so impressed by a product.  Just have a quick watch of the video below and I think you are likely to agree.

It got me thinking – how many products are this good that they sell themselves?  Not many I would guess, so how do you show that your company or product is the best?  We work with many organisations who are doing this through “Content Marketing”.  This is proving to be one of the best ways in today’s digital age of differentiating your product or team from your competitors. 

Is your business differentiating itself and demonstrating your expertise through content marketing?  Or is your product as good as “Bunch O Balloons” that you do not need to?  If you are not then it’s time to act or risk getting left behind.