At our Inaugural "Rainmaker" event last week we were delighted to be joined by former Professional rugby player and Owner of Logan Sports Marketing, Kenny Logan.

Kenny's enthusiasm and energy filled the room as he talked about what it took to perform at the highest levels of professional sport.  He also brought real emotion to the auditorium as he spoke with great honesty about his battle with dyslexia, how he hid that from everyone he knew bar a couple of people and how he only learnt to read when he was 27.

Now as a successful businessman working with some of the largest professional services firms, tech companies and consumer brands in the world, Kenny told us that he wishes he had been braver and more honest sooner about his Dyslexia.  He has taken great learnings from this and at his own company today he plays to his strengths and hires people around him who compliment those strengths and help where he weaknesses.

He encouraged us all to do the same and be honest about our weaknesses and never to be afraid of asking for help when we need it.