Yo - The new zero-character communications tool that lets you say nothing but "Yo". And it's got $1 million in funding as well. I just signed up and "YOed" my colleague 5 times - pretty cool design and good fun. It even shouts "Yo" out loud on your phone when you get a new Yo.

It seems to have a lot of early doubters and you can kind of understand why - but sure Twitter makes no real sense either and look where it is now! The fact that they are opening it up to developers means it might just have a chance. I quite like the idea of other services integrating Yo. Maybe we could do it here at Passle so that every time their is a new Passle post waiting for you to read - you get YOed!

Looking forward to see how this one pans out ....

P.S. Gee - it sure is hard to write a post about Yo without saying Yo at least 20 times. So just one more time ..... Yo!