If the predictions for Cannes are anything to go by, the kind of advertising that is really striking a chord with professionals and consumers alike is that which impinges on the real world. Those BA real time flight billboards in London last year immediately spring to mind as one innovative example.

And here is another - so simple, but communicates its message so effectively. In a Hong Kong cinema, a Volkswagen ad starts playing showing the view from a driving seat. Using some clever technology a text message is then sent to everyone watching - the moment they all avert their eyes to look down at their phones, the onscreen driver crashes. The perfect example of advertising that will actually make people sit up and listen to its message, and influence real life attitudes long after the shock and surprise has worn off.

I think this ad (amonst others) proves that effective advertising and marketing has become so much more than staring at a screen or billboard. Let's hope we see some more top efforts like this one in the future - and not just more brands contributing to the noise.