In just about every sector, B2B businesses try and spout the same old cliches about how they are different from their clients:

  • We are experts at we do
  • We are a team of great people
  • We are passionate about our clients
  • Our ethos and culture is fresh and different

Sound familiar?

Well today, in this ever expanding digital world, the most important way B2B businesses can differentiate is through content marketing.  This basically means creating content on your website, newsletters and social networks that is useful, helpful and insightful to the people that are relevant to your business i.e. your clients and potential clients

If you can do that successfully and consistently over time then you start to be seen as the experts in your field and people like working with the experts in their field.  You might be the best experts in your field, you might not know more than your competitors but to the outside world you will be portrayed as the leading experts.

That's what really matters.  That's the number one way you can differentiate your business from your competitors.