When it comes to content marketing I meet lots of B2B marketeers who announce "we have a strategy to create company videos".  After the meeting I go and check out their videos and often find 2 or 3 videos, always with one person facing the camera and talking at it.  The videos will have a combined 56 views on YouTube!

Creating videos has traditionally been expensive and a difficult thing to do in house without the right skills and equipment.  But this has all changed with the advanced technology on our Smart Phones and some pretty intuitive software to edit the videos.  Now just about anyone can create a video and do it on a regular basis.

Once created, then it's all about sharing.  My colleague Tom Elgar wrote a post a few weeks ago around COPE.  Create Once, Publish Everywhere!  Just as with any piece of content, you want to share it "everywhere" - well certainly everywhere where the people your business want to talk to might see it.

Has/does your business have a video strategy?  Did it fail or is it still alive and kicking?  Have a look at Passle's second Vlog below. (feel free to sign up for the event Claire talks about).  We have set ourselves the achievable goal of creating one each month.  The calendar is set for the year and we've all been allocated a month.

It costs us nothing other than a bit of time and some battery life on our phones - and we are delighted with the results.

Video makes for very consumable content.  It it time for your business to create a long term video strategy?