Who should be leading your organisation?  When "distributed leadership" is done effectively then everyone in your organisation, know matter who they are, can be leading the charge for your company.

With many of the large law firms we work with it used to be just Partners that they would let use our platform to write expert insights.  Then some of the firms started to let the Senior Associates and Associates do it  i.e. their future leaders.  Now, more and more firms of the top firms are letting their trainees be involved as well.  Their view being that we have hired these brilliant young minds so let's give them the confidence to unleash them... and it turns out, if you want someone to be explain Blockchain and the law, for example, someone who has just spent three years studying Blockchain and the law at university is often better placed to write about it than a Partner who went to university 30 years before Blockchain was invented!

Steve Jobs famously said:  "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."

Below is a link to our most recent Podcast with Cam Dobinson and Sarah Strachan.  Both of them graduated from University in the last year, but already both have been empowered to start to be leaders here at Passle. 

Have a quick listen on their top tips on how your firm can activate the voices of your experts from all across your organisation.