Gamification is becoming more and more used in the business world. I do not think it 's a very good word but the concept is. It's been around for a long time especially around consumer goods but now it has been used by more and more businesses across many business types and sectors.

I have "gamified" things in my head my whole life, whether it be racing the person at the other side of the road on the walk home from school, (even though they had no idea they were in a race) or last Sunday when I attempted to get my car to do over 30 miles per gallon on the drive from Dublin to Oxford. It takes the boredom out of mundane, boring, everyday tasks.

So can you apply this to your business?? Volkswagen have done this with their series of videos including this one on getting more people to use the stairs. This is pretty cool stuff, but walking up stairs is not actually core VW business. How powerful would it be if you could gamify part of your actual business? Something that would get people to use your product more, buy more of it or be more engaged with it?

We have been testing it here at Passle - we gamified blogging. BLOGGING - something that is easy for a few (i.e. bloggers) and very, very tough for just about everyone else. We awarded points for posts created, new followers gained, post views and social shares. The results have been amazing with over 600% growth in blogging activity after the launch of a competition.

So have a look at what you are marketing - can you make things more enjoyable for your customers through some sort of gamification? If so, give it a go and you might be amazed at what happens.